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DPEX Singapore helps boost business for major E-Commerce customer.
Qoo10 – a joint venture of eBay is a major E-Commerce online marketplace in Asia. In the highly competitive E-Commerce market, a key requirement for E-Commerce marketplaces is to provide a seamless service for its sellers – this means efficient processing, effective order management and quick delivery times.
The Challenge
The Qoo10 Sales Manager system (QSM) was designed to help sellers to efficiently process orders, assisting them to make shopping online easy and enjoyable for their customers.
In order to improve the experience QSM provided to its sellers, Qoo10 engaged the DPEX Singapore to provide a technology solution capable of integrating with its current system to create a one-stop platform for sellers to manage their orders, prepare shipping documentation and create visibility of sales transactions as well as payment costs.
The Solution
Tapping into our extensive technology experience, the team developed a shipping Application Programming Interface (API) to connect with Qoo10’s Sales Manager system.

The solution provided by the team means:

  • Qoo10’s sellers can automatically print air waybills and shipping invoices for any orders made.
  • Billing validation and payments can be made on behalf of the sellers.
  • Customers have access to real- time tracking updates via Qoo10’s website.
The Results
“Thanks to our ability to integrate our state of the art technology with Qoo10’s existing system, we were able to enhance QSM’s functionality and improve the experience for their sellers,” said Salim Albar, Sales Manager.

Since the introduction of DPEX Singapore’s API, sellers can:

  • Focus more on selling their products because order management processes are now automated. This has also increased the productivity of the shipping process.
  • Easily manage shipping cost payments. And, the increased number of website hits by consumers tracking their orders on Qoo10’s website has resulted in an increased awareness of products and promotions, contributing to strong business growth for Qoo10.